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Dear customer – SCCAP closed

After nearly 70 years existence, since 1986 as public service collection, SCCAP has been closed due to financial cutbacks at the University of Copenhagen. Fortunately, cultures are not lost, as SCCAP has been merged with the NIVA Culture Collection of Algae in Norway.

The new merged collection will also contain a research collection from the University of Oslo (UiO). The merged collections will comprise nearly 2000 highly diverse strains and should be very attractive for bioprospecting, research and teaching.

Sales of SCCAP strains will in the future be from the NIVA web-shop, expected to start from January 2017.

The SCCAP homepage will continue, so information on the SCCAP strains, photographs etc. still can be accessed. You may also 'sneak-peek', which UIO strains will be become accessible in the future, go to the search page and type UIO in the 'strain no.' box.

We thank all our customers, many of which regular, for choosing SCCAP during its many years of existence and looks forward to continue our service to you from the NIVA Collection of Algae.

For further information contact Vladyslava Hostyeva or

Diversity of SCCAP strains

Diversity of SCCAP strains