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Ulvella parasitica f. zosterae (Oltmanns) R.Nielsen, C.J.O'Kelly & B.Wysor 2013

 Synonym (s):Ochlochaete hystrix Thwaites ex Harvey 1849, Acrochaete parasitica f. zosterae Svedelius 1901
 Locality:Bornholm, Ypnasted
 Collector:Nielsen, R.
 Collection date:20.05.1975
 Identified by:Nielsen, R.
 Isolator:Nielsen, R.
 Isolation date:
 Isolators strain no.:RN200575
 Deposited by:Nielsen, R.
 Deposition date:14.11.2011
 Toxic: no
 Strain synonyms:
 Coordinates:55,1621  15,0596  approx.
 Notes:Nielsen et al. 2013 consider Ochlochaete hystrix to be syn. with Achrochaete parasitica f. zosterae

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